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The Kid Who Loves Letters
what are your thoughts
on letters?
i'm not referring to the long ones
i'm talking about letters
"i'm fine honey. how are you?",
handwritten letters.
isn't it a shame
that we've lost the art
of letter writing?
to me,
letters are the best thing
no matter how
it shows that someone is willing
to get a pen and a paper
and choose the best and the correct words
to write to you.
i'm the kid
who loves letters.
-Ja 2/2/2015
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How I wish the night never ends
How I wish to talk to you
How I wish to be by you side
Under the sky so blue.
I don’t mind
Maybe we could watch the stars
Explode million miles away
Or maybe together we could runaway.
Take me into a deeper conversation
Let me drown in it
Do it,
My ears are with you.
Even if somehow
You find yourself on the edge of an abyss
Then I’ll be the light
A road map
To guide you home
I promise you that.
- Ja 7/1/2015
(ideas while listening to "groovy kind of love - Phil Collins'
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If I Only Have 48 hours left
if i only have 48 hours left
i would call close friends
and just get to know
how their day went
have meaningful conversation
for the first time in a very long time
and i would tell them
don't forget to remember me.
if only 48 hours left in me
i would listen to all my favourite songs
and dance under Ahma's chandelier
because that is what life's about
to dance stupidly under bright light.
my last 48 hours
i might learn to cook
i might not
but i swear, i'll cook dinner
and we'll eat as a family
they'll eat it anyway despite how bad it is
because i'm dying.
if 48 hours is all i had left
i won't be sobbing away
or blame how cruel life was yesterday
instead, i would draw
until i could no longer use my hands.
Live your days like you only have 48 hours
because maybe that's all you have.
So, what would you do?
-Ja 24.12.2014
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Something from Mother
"You know what Mak learnt when Mak and Abah first beli rumah?"
"Well, last time Mak was a penakut, just like Kakak.
And Mak told Auntie Siew Keng (her colleague)
that Mak didn't feel safe in that new house. Yela, some more baru kahwin what."
"Hahaha..then what she said?"
"She asked Mak, 'you scared of what? Hantu ah?' And Mak said yes lah.
Then she said, 'Aiyoh! you can see hantu or not? Cannot right?
So why are you scared?! You should be more afraid of things you can see.
Someone with a Parang breaking in your house'."
"Ceh, touch wood touch wood."
-Ja 23.12.2014
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the girl in the venetian red dress
to the girl
in the venetian red dress
wipe that sorrow
off your face
because it doesn't go well
with that beautiful
venetian red dress
-Ja (19.12.2014)
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If You Ever Come Back
if you ever come back
i will tell you every single thing
that you missed
we will sit on your favourite couch
and spend hours talking
because i still remember how much
you love watching the news.
if you ever come back
i will thank you
for teaching me how to use the dictionary
for teaching me how to say thank you
for teaching me the difference between ask and tell
for teaching me how to ride a bike
for teaching me not to waste
thank you for teaching me the
little things that matter.
sometimes, i do wish you could still give me a hard time
shout my name in public like nobody's business
take you to places
so, if you ever come back
there'll be a smile on my face
and i will tell you
how grateful i am to have you
as my Grandpa.
-Ja (30 nov 2014)
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The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler :iconjaja139:jaja139 1 0
Pictures of you
you ever look at a picture of yourself
and you see a stranger in the background?
it makes you wonder
how many strangers have pictures of you
how many moments of other people's lives have we been in
were we a part of someone's life
when their dreams came true
or were we there when their dreams died
did we keep trying to get in?
as if we were somehow destined to be there
or did the shot take us by surprise
just think,
you could be a big part of someone else's world
someone else's life
and not even know it.
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we’ve been texting for almost a week
and texting with you have been the highlight of my week
i find myself waiting for your text
and if I let a day goes by without texting you
well that day is just no good.
- Ja (17 nov 2014)
:iconjaja139:jaja139 2 1
The world as a whole
growing up
i have seen so much
i watched the good being punished
i watched innocent people
bad men getting awards
pointless demonstration act of defiance
against the government
i hear people thought of killing themselves
but why?
"I'm from a very poor family. At one point in my life, us siblings had to beg"
"Never in my life I'm away from my family this long"
"Both of my parents are divorced"
"I grew up without a father. Well he's not dead, I just don't know him"
"I have a lot of weaknesses. Please, guide me"
and well, that is life.
but why not we remember the good things in life?
the time you had a baby sister? because that's something beautiful
the time you achieved something so great? because that's you
the time you came home from a long trip? because that's love
the time you have dinner as a whole family? because that is what life's about
so be thankful
be thoughtful
there is more to life
than whatever you're feeling
it'll always gets better
just breathe and believe
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My love letter to the unknown
to the person
i think of without fail
during my days and nights
during good and bad times
i want you to know that
you are important
you matter.
so don't fear
don't ever fear
because i'm here
i will always be here to protect
no matter how far
this world may take us
my heart belongs to one.
i hope when someone mentions 'the world'
you'll think of me
think of all the good times
those are the moments
that i'll cherish
there's good,
there's amazing,
and there's you.
to you,
remember that
every time i blink,
i'll think of you.
so this love letter is from me
the person who
knows you.
- Ja (17 nov 2014)
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That very moment
the moment you let go
to be honest, you will not know
the exact time, the exact place
you just know it
that you just give up waiting and wanting
that you just give up on everything.
the moment you let go
you’ll feel lighter
because deep down, you know that the worst part is over
there’s nothing else to be afraid of anymore.
- Ja (17 nov 2014)
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The reason I am who I am today
The one who is always there for me when I find myself on the edge of an abyss
I feel blessed to have you in my life
And when I say this, I really mean it
I think it is impossible to find someone like you
Not a day goes by without you being missed
So, I wanna thank you
For being you.
-Ja (17 nov 2014)
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A talk between two or more people
In which thoughts
Feelings and ideas are expressed
Questions are asked and answered
And news and information are exchanged.
A deep one
Makes you know that very person
Right in front of you
And when you look closer
You might just listening to yourself.
Every pain
Every life experiences
Every single story
Makes you wonder
Makes you a better person
And that is life.
So please, Listen.
Not everyone is willing to share
To tell
To trust
So listen,
Because that is what
Makes us Human.
-Ja (16 nov 2014)
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Ask yourself.
Ask yourself
why do people change?
what made them so different than before?
how they do it?
People may say 'Ignore those who ignore you'
but it is never that easy.
But always remember
if you want someone to be in your life
you should do something about it.
- Ja9
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Think of me
(On the phone)
you:Maybe you should start writing to me.
me:Write to you? You mean like you want me to send you letters?
you:Well, letters or e-mails.
me:You don't like talking to me or something?
you:I do. I really really do. But talking on the phone, it's too...spontaneous? When you write something, you have to think of what you are about to write, about who you are writing to. I want you to always think of me.
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Green Islam :iconahsanpervaiz:ahsanpervaiz 258 199 calligraphy :iconfahadee:fahadee 72 29 Mary Poppins :iconjessicatay27:jessicatay27 1 0
forgive me.
forgive me for being pretty,
because i'm always going to be a slut.
forgive me for being ugly,
well, no matter how little i wear,
i'll never be beautiful enough.
forgive me for being skinny,
because i'm fragile and weak.
forgive me for being fat,
well, no matter what i've been through
i'll never be able to speak.
forgive me for being strong,
because no one will even let me fight.
forgive me for being weak,
well, no matter how much you yell at me,
i'll never be right.
forgive me for loving a man,
because i'll never be under attack.
forgive me for loving a woman,
well, no matter what i love,
i'll never be loved back.
forgive me for being educated,
because i can't have power.
forgive me for being ignorant,
because i was giving birth during school hours.
forgive me for being a feminist,
because i have no right to speak.
forgive me for fighting for equality,
because my voice is dainty and weak.
forgive me for being a daughter,
because i don't deserve an education.
forgive me for being
:iconrosescarlet:RoseScarlet 423 295
We live in a society
where obese men can't be beautiful.
We live in a society
where being African American automatically makes us criminals.
We live in a society
where women are looked down upon as whores and sluts.
We live in a society
where having anxiety means we're nuts.
We live in a society
where being blonde means we're brainless.
We live in a society
where wearing turbans make us terrorists.
We live in a society
where having good grades means we don't have a life.
We live in a society
where being a man means you want a wife.
We live in a society
where the unemployed are lowly.
We live in a society
where the gay are just lonely.
We live in a society
where crying means we're too emotional.
We live in a society
where speaking out makes us too powerful.
We live in a society
where schools need police.
We live in a society
where war is easier than peace.
We live in a society
where good is bad and bad is worse.
We live in a society
that's under stereo
:iconrosescarlet:RoseScarlet 716 471
A reason
Our love
A miracle
A dream
Come true
But you
You had to
It all
Our happy
Our beautiful
Give me
A reason
A single one
Tell me
I should
Forgive you
I should
Let you
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 22 48
Better off dead because I am
Rotten to the core and
Observing with blind eyes, looking for a
Key to escape this madness I can't
Embrace until I realize there is
Nothing I can do anymore....
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 32 56
I'm not living
I'm only surviving
There's so much to do
And so little time
I'm always in a rush
Trying to keep up with life
Without a moment to rest
Without a moment to think
There's no joy in life
Being here makes no sense
Sometimes it comes to me
That I should put an end to it...
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 74 87
Memories haunting me
Entering my mind
A part of me is gone
Never to return
I am incomplete
Not a full being
Gone with the wind
Lost within myself
End of the road
Should I jump into the abyss
So I can find the meaning of my life?
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 26 45
Blues and greens :iconshelter85:Shelter85 1,607 78 Monroe :iconvaler630:valer630 72 14 Marilyn Monroe :iconardess:ARDESS 401 34 Baby wolf :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 443 12 Sweet dreams :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 4,075 162
What I Gave You
I gave you my time
And you wasted it
I gave you my love
And you ignored it
I gave you my heart
And you broke it
I gave you my soul
And you lost it
I gave you my life
And you sent me to Hell
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 66 36
Paralized by the suffering
A shiver down my spine
Images of my past haunt me
No one can save me from this hell
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 88 87



O Allah, give me the ability to stand.
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